Advice For Candidates

Outlined below is some initial advice for candidates. Please keep an eye on this as it will be updated regularly with what we hope will be more useful advice and hints.


Keep your CV to no more than two pages as all hiring managers are very busy and some will simply reject any that are more than two or three pages at a maximum. Make sure that your CV does not end up in the “no pile” simply because it is too long.

Please be accurate on your CV, particularly with your current status and dates, even if you have been made redundant. Another simple but obvious comment is to ensure that there are no typing mistakes - Spellchecker does not pick all of these up!!! 

Based upon your understanding of the specific job for which you are applying, tailor your CV for the job highlighting your specific relevant achievements and skills in relation to the job. Your Consultant should assist you with this part of the process.

Your CV is a crucial part of your application process – It is a selling vehicle and plays an important part in the decision on whether to offer you an interview so be prepared to spend time to tailor it for each job application.


The key is Preparation, Preparation and more Preparation!!!

Prepare yourself for the interview – The location, travel and timing. Always be early, be aware of dress code, review everything that you have prepared and be confident and calm so that you can enjoy the meeting and increase your chances of a successful outcome.

Prepare yourself thoroughly by having a clear understanding of the job role for which you are applying; ideally obtain a copy of the Job Description so that you can get a good feel for the job. Work with your Consultant, who should be able to give you a good briefing of the culture of the company, the role, the people who you will meet at interview and the people who you will be working with. Make sure that you have a thorough look around the company's website so that you can be prepared to answer general questions about them if asked, which will impress them. Equally importantly, prepare some of your own questions about the company’s history, products and services for you to ask at the interview.

Prepare yourself by thinking about how you would approach the first day and week in the new job if they offered it to you and you decide to accept it. Think about how you would do the job in relation to your experience, past achievements and skills. You can use this to demonstrate your capability. Also consider how the job fits in with you career goals and ambitions so that you can discuss these at the interview.

Finally, remember that the interview has two purposes – For the company to decide whether they wish to make you a job offer and, equally importantly, for you decide if you would like to work for them if they make you an offer.


When seeking a new job, whether through choice to enhance your career or necessity (redundancy etc), remember that this is a really important decision.

If working with a Recruitment Consultant or Executive Search Consultant, please make sure that you find one who is interested in spending time with you, to understand you, your current position and what you are trying to achieve. When you find a good one be prepared to spend time with them so that you can both achieve the same objective. Finding a good one is difficult so make sure that you dedicate the time to building up a good business working relationship. They could be your key to helping you with your career and finding you the elusive next job which will be the platform for your ultimate career goals.